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5/20 Parent Meeting Notes

PVRS Parent Meeting Notes 5/20/20

5/6 Parent Meeting Notes

PVRS Parent Meeting Notes 5/6/2020

4/29 Parent Meeting Notes

PVRS Parent Meeting Notes 4/29/20

4/15 Parent Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes Parent Meeting 4/15/20

5/13 PVRS Updated Guidelines

PVRSD Updated PVRS Guidelines 5.11.20

4/6 Remote Learning Update

PVRS has created remote learning guidelines that we sent out to families last week. At this point all students should have been invited to a grade level google classroom. These google classrooms are where you can find information about all the projects and expectations. Our grade level teams have done an incredible job designing remote learning assignments that are hands on, engage with resources in the natural world around them with an interdisciplinary approach and connect with grade level standards.

These lessons will begin on Tuesday, April 7th and are credit/no credit assignments. Please reference the Guidelines for Remote Learning document that was sent out for more detailed information. The only guideline that has changed, is that meetings will not be recorded. I have attached an updated version of this document.

The chart below lists the office hours when faculty and staff are most available to to respond to questions and meet. Click on the chart to see the larger view.

Meetings and Office Hours: Week of 4/6

9th Grade Team Office Hours

Office Hours-9th Grade Team- May/June

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