Google Classroom

Google Classroom for Adults

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Google Classroom for Parents and Guardians

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"I can't get to my student's class resources."

Many of our resources require a account. Be sure you are signing into Chrome or the Google Service with your student's school account.

"How can I stop all the classroom notifications?"

Preserve your sanity and customize student and guardian notifications.


  1. Go to

  2. Click on the Main Menu (3 lines in the top left corner), select Settings at the bottom of the menu.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom and click the drop-down arrow to see all of your notification options for each class. Toggle them on and off to suit your needs.

Guardians: To manage your email summary settings, you need a free Google Account. You don't need a Gmail address to create the account. You can use your current email address.

  1. In any email Summary from a Google Classroom, , at the bottom of the page, click Settings.

  2. On the Settings page, click either Sign In with your Google Account, or if you do not have one, click Create New Account and fill in the requested information.

  3. Once signed in, under Frequency, select your desired email frequency. If you don't want to receive emails, select No Summaries.

  4. Under Timezone, select your time zone.

  5. To check which email address email summaries are sent to, look under Google Classroom email summaries.

You can unsubscribe from email summaries, but that will remove you as a Guardian in your student's Google Classroom. Learn More >>