The Arts

Fine Arts - The Performing Arts

In music, band, chorus and theater, students will express ideas and emotions that they cannot express in language alone. The following performing arts classes are a door to this understanding and a way for students to explore the world with the expressive nature of the arts!

Many of these classes begin with the fundamentals of performing, whether it is on an instrument, or acting on a stage. Much time is spent developing skills and building confidence through varied rehearsal and performance situations. Students should be prepared for a challenge and to work hard. The result of this hard work is something you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Fine Arts - The Visual Arts

Art making is an inherent and unique human expression. It is a formative and influential part and reflection of our culture and societies. Art drives our visual world and in this age of technology, images and the making of them continues to be an even more constant presence in our lives. Come explore the world of painting, drawing, collage, photography, technology and mixed-media course offerings in Visual Arts department. Our department offers a wealth of opportunity to explore different materials and techniques. Classes are designed to enhance your art-making skills and give you a better understanding of, and appreciation for the visual world around you.

Our Arts Instructors

Tracy Derrig

Visual Arts Teacher

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Courses taught:

Adrienne Ghilani

Visual Arts Teacher

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Courses taught:

Eric Schedin

Music and Band Teacher

(413) 498-2931 x216

Danika Tyminski

Theater Teacher

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