Thematic units that have been the mainstay of the English curriculum have been incorporated into grade level English programs to provide a sequential development of skills. This approach ensures that all students at a grade level will be exposed to the same reading, writing and language skills and encourages proficiency for all students. Elective programs continue to offer a challenge for students who feel they want to expand their proficiency beyond their grade level courses. All courses follow the State’s English Frameworks.

Students must be enrolled in the English course or equivalent designed for their grade level.  

Students may choose to participate in an elective designed for their grade in addition to their grade level studies, but may not take an elective in lieu of their regular English course. Electives are meant to provide a challenging program for interested students and, therefore, unlike the regular grade level courses, will not provide remediation.

All grade level courses are designed as year-long courses. Two and one-half credits will be awarded each semester. Students who fail a grade level course or semester will be required to repeat the course or semester that they failed.

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