Each student is required to complete 5 credits each year for four years in high school for a total of 20 math credits. Students are encouraged to continue their study of mathematics beyond the core program by taking additional advanced classes.

The foundation of the grades 9 and 10 mathematics programs at Pioneer is the Integrated Math sequence using the Core-Plus Mathematics Project (CPMP) curriculum 2nd Edition, which was designed, developed, field-tested, and refined from 1992 through 2008 with funding from the National Science Foundation. The Integrated Math courses emphasize the teaching of mathematics through problem-solving, communication, and reasoning; and they highlight the connections among mathematical topics and between mathematics and other disciplines.

The Integrated Math course emphasizes the teaching of mathematics as problem-solving, communication, and reasoning, and highlights the connections among mathematical topics and between mathematics and other disciplines. 

This multi-year sequence of Integrated Math replaces the traditional Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II sequence of courses, and covers the following topics throughout the multi-year series: algebra, functions, geometry from both a synthetic and an algebraic perspective, trigonometry, statistics and probability, discrete mathematics, the conceptual underpinnings of calculus, and mathematical structure. 

The Core-Plus curriculum is carefully aligned with the Common Core State Standards for mathematical practices and content expectations. In addition, the curriculum has been cited as Exemplary by the U.S. Department of Education Expert Panel on Mathematics and Science, and by the Business-Higher Education Forum as a program that works to ensure college and career readiness in the 21st century. Our classrooms are the models for our students’ future workplaces: here students will think and reason about quantitative situations, will learn how to communicate effectively, will be encouraged to be innovative, and will work together effectively in teams. 

Our Math Instructors

Claire Brennan 

Math Teacher

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Wil Cather

Math Teacher

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Chris Foskett

Math Teacher

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