Family & Consumer Science

One third of American meals come from fast food and other meals eaten away from home, and many home meals come from convenience and processed foods. Food is big business!

Many of today’s health problems relate to the food we eat. Meals made from whole unprocessed foods can improve or maintain good health.

As an introduction to the Nutrition & Foods Program at PVRS, this course blends the scientific knowledge of nutrition with practical application of preparing tasty nutritious foods. We explore how nutrition affects health and how the body uses nutrients. In the food lab, we learn skills for planning and preparing nutrient-rich foods using basic safe food-handling practices. This setting also provides opportunities to learn skills and gain experience in teamwork and time management.

Our Family & Consumer Science Instructor

Family & Consumer Science

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Courses taught:

  • Nutrition and Foods

  • Intercultural Foods

  • 7th/8th Grade Rotations

  • Personal Finance