School Council

The School Council is a representative body comprised of parents, students, faculty, and the Principal. Members are elected annually.

The charge of the School Council is to develop an annual school improvement plan to improve student learning, advise the principal on the school budget to support the school improvement plan, and develop a student handbook.

PVRS School Council Members for the 2017/2018 School Year:

Students: Emma Doncev, Dana McRae, Sarah Podlesney, Ella Potee

Parents: Stormie Carmody, Susan Emond, Emily Koester, David Lanoie

Staff: Jean Bacon, Valerie Fontaine, Kevin Mortenson

In 2017-18, the School Council developed a comprehensive three-year school improvement plan.

for 2018 through 2021. The plan is currently in the final stages of review and should be voted upon by School Committee in the fall of 2018.

2018-2021 School Improvement Plan

The school improvement plan for FY17 below was presented to School Committee at their December 2016 meeting.

2016-17 School Improvement Plan