PVRS Principal Search

PVRS is seeking a new Principal for 2023-24.

Please read and share the SchoolSpring posting!

We have developed a Profile of the Preferred Candidate that may be helpful for candidates seeking to explore this opportunity.

PVRS Principal Search: Posting Winter 2023 2/10/23
DRAFT Admin Search Timelines 2023, 2/10/23

PVRS Principal Search Committee

Superintendent Patricia Kinsella, Chair

Cathy Hawkins-Harrison, PVRS Acting Prin.

Jordan Burns, Dir. Finance & Operations

Zach Billings, PVREA

Danika Tyminski, PVREA

Lauren Clary, PVREA

Jen Glazier, Parent

Cheryl Baker, PVASP

Cheryl Brown, PVASP

Griffin DeRuiter & Joey Seaman, Students