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September 8, 2020

Dear PVRS Students and Families,

As we begin the 20-21 school year it is clear that this pandemic has altered all aspects of our lives including education. Our faculty and staff have been working hard to learn about bitmojis, Jamboard, Flipgrid, Google Classroom and many other innovative strategies to prepare their classes for remote learning. The staff at PVRS are dedicated, creative and showing their resilience by learning and honing their skills to improve their delivery, practices, feedback and assessment to students. Since remote learning is a new experience to all of us, we need to be patient. Teachers will guide students and model expectations. We will be holding parent meetings to answer questions and help guide families on how to assist their students.

Our goal is to provide a structured learning environment, with high expectations, that meet the state standards, in an engaging and collaborative environment, in which students are solving problems and using critical thinking skills. Remote learning is new to our faculty, students and parents. There has been a lot of thought and preparations put into the opening of PVRS, but we are sure that we will experience bumps in the road and have to make adjustments. Feel free to reach out to faculty, staff, and administration at any time with your questions and concerns. Remember we are in this together.

The first day of school for students will be on Wednesday, September 16th. September 16th, 17th, and 18th are half days. Students will only be expected to participate in remote classroom activities beginning at 8:02 am through 11:12 am. Starting on Monday, September 21st we will be in school full days. For more information please see the schedule included in this packet.

Special population students have been identified at PVRS by following the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education guidelines. Families of special populations have been contacted directly by PVRS with the guidelines and expectations for their students’ safe return to school. If you have questions regarding special population students please contact the main office at PVRS and we would be happy to help.

Please take some time to complete the attached forms. There are several forms that every student must return and other forms that may or may not apply to you. In addition, there is a great deal of information for you to review. I hope the instruction sheet is helpful in keeping track of everything. We will use the website, PVRSD Facebook page, Instagram, email and phone calls to keep you up-to-date with important information and dates throughout the school year. Please return the forms to school as soon as possible by using the black Drop Box located just to the left of the main front doors.

Communication: In an effort to keep our costs low, we use email for as much communication as possible. We do email updates with helpful information, and email is the best way to contact teachers. All PVRS staff have e-mails with the format last name, first initial Mine is Please be sure the school has your current email address. When you call or email a teacher, you should expect a reply within one to two work days. In an emergency, please call the main office.

Finally, you have access to the student/parent gradebook electronic portal – PlusPortals linked from the school’s website main page. This is the main resource for students and families to stay current on grades and missing assignments. Parents of 7th grade students and new students 8th-12th should have received an email from our tech staff with instructions for logging in.

Guidance: The School Counselors for students in grades 9-12 is Lucas Correia. Matt Soycher is the counselor for grades 7 and 8.

School Insurance: Student Insurance brochure and forms are available on the district website.

Lockers: No locker availability this year

Meals: Families are encouraged to make deposits in the lunch account system rather than paying every day. We strongly recommend the on-line lunch account payment system, you’ll find information about this included with your student’s opening day paperwork. Deposits can be mailed or delivered directly to the cafeteria or main office, in an envelope marked “PVRS Lunch”. Please keep in mind that schools cannot allow students to “charge” a meal, they must have money on their account. The prices for this year are: breakfast $2.00 ($0.00 reduced), lunch $3.45 ($0.00 reduced), and milk $0.65.

Thank you for your attention to all the forms. I look forward to seeing you at Pioneer in the near future.


Kevin Burke


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