Special Education

Karin Browning , Special Education Teacher & Head Teacher
413.498.2931 ext. 269
Room 269, 270, 271

Claire Brennan, Inclusion Specialist
413.498.2931 ext. 118

Valerie Fontaine, Special Education Teacher
413.498.2931 ext. 510
Room 269, 270, 271

Kevin Mortenson, Special Education Teacher
413.498.2931 ext. 509
Room 129

Dana Unaitis, Speech and Language Pathologist
Room 356 ext. 356

Learning Center Schedule:

Monday to Friday:
7:45 - 2:30pm


Visit www.ldonline.org for more information on learning differences.



As members of the P.V.R.S. community, the Special Education Department is committed to fostering respect, responsibility, and academic excellence. By providing equal opportunities and multiple approaches to success in a heterogeneous setting, we help students become critical and creative thinkers and encourage individuals to become contributing members of a diverse global society.


The Special Education Department offers several different types of services based upon a student's individual needs as stated in their Individualized Educational Plan (I.E.P.).

Academic Support

Speech and Language

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

After School Tutorial

Psychological Services


Tips for Success at School:

  • Be sure your student has all needed materials organized and in book bag.

  • Provide your student with snacks, water, and lunch money.

  • Be sure your student gets a good night's rest.

  • Homework completion is important for their self-esteem and success.

  •  Encourage student to ask for extra help.

  • Utilize after school help on late bus days.

  • The student must write all assignments in the PASS book everyday.

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Tips for Success at Home:

  • Ask your student about the day.

  • Look at your student's assignment book.

  • Be sure each class assignment is noted.

  • Schedule a regular time and location for homework.

  • Break homework into segments and establish reasonable time limits for completion.

  • Allow student to take a short 1-2 minute break between segments.

  • Limit distractions during homework.

  • Make sure all materials are returned to the book bag before going to bed.

  • Reward student for a job well done.

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Academic Support Services

  • Small group and individual help sessions based upon student needs

  • Case management linkages to outside agencies

  • Diagnostic Evaluations

  • Family Support

  • School/Home Communication

  • On-Going Consultation with School Community

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